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On February 28 we had an amazing speaker for Parent Ed night at SCC: Amy Lang, The Birds & Bees for Parents of Preschoolers

Here are a few highlights from the handout.

Bodies: “It’s normal for young kids to be curious about their bodies”; “The very first sex talk is the correct names for privates”.

Boundaries: “You are their model for safe boundaries!”; “They are the boss of their bodies”

Baby-Making: “Stop thinking they are ‘too young’ to learn about sex”; “‘Don’t ask – don’t tell’ doesn’t work for kids”

Suggested Resources:

Books for Ages 3-6:
It’s MY Body – A book to teach young children how to resist uncomfortable touch, Lory Freeman and Carol Deach
Don’t Be Scared to Tell, Kathy Delgado Chatteron and Sam Lotfi
It’s NOT the Stork! A book about girls, boys, babies, bodies, families and friends, Robie Harris and Michael Emberley
What’s the Big Secret?, Laurie Krasney Brown and Marc Brown

Qustodio.com, Monitoring software
StopItNow.org, Child sexual abuse support and information
SavvyParentsSafeKids.com, Sexual abuse and abduction prevention tips and classes
Porn-Ed.com, Tips for talking to kids about pornography (coming soon!)
BeHeroes.net, Family contracts for safe internet use
BirdsAndBeesAndKids.com, Amy Lang’s site with video tips, book suggestions, and online learning

Amy Lang can also be found on Facebook and Twitter