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Operating Policies for Covid-19

Fall 2021 Operational Guidelines

All policies are created with the guidelines set by and guidance from both the Organization of Parenting Education Programs of Washington State (OPEP) and Shoreline Community College (SCC), which base their guidelines on information from the Center for Disease Control, State of Washington Department of Health. Additionally, consideration given to policies enacted by Shoreline Schools, SCC Faculty discussions to align cooperative preschool policies in our greater Shoreline area and feedback from Shorenorth volunteer leadership and members. 

Based on the July 1, 2021 public health guidelines from Washington State Department of Health, OPEP created Fall Operational Guidelines for all cooperative preschool programs affiliated with them, Shorenorth is one such organization. 

Members shall contact the Director and Board Chair with any requests for exceptions and/or interpretation of policies or ‘gray areas.’ Such requests will be addressed by the Executive Board which acts as the ad hoc committee for policy review. 

Vaccinated Campus

In alignment with the Governor’s proclamation for higher educational institutions, SCC has become a “vaccinated campus.” All employees and students will be required to show proof of vaccination status or provide proof of a medical or religious exemption by September 7th, 2021. Shorenorth and our sister co-op preschools are considered satellite locations for SCC, falling under the umbrella of being vaccinated sites, and are expanding the definition in the spirit of the policy to include all persons coming through our threshold. This means that any person who is eligible for covid-19 vaccination will be required to:

  1. Be listed in Jovial as a member of the child’s family
  2. Provide proof of vaccination or exemption prior to coming on site

This will be completed via a form on Jovial where you commit to providing your information and provide a copy of your vaccination card to the preschool. SCC will be creating their own system with details to come. 

Any person(s) providing a vaccination exemption are expected to adhere to the following accommodations: wearing a well-fitting KN-95 mask when at preschool and providing proof via email to shorenorth.director@gmail.com of negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of class.

Sickness Policies

Families will be vigilant in monitoring the health of their members. We understand that each family is different and your ‘normal’ may look different than another’s. If a family member feels unwell, do not attend school. If anyone in your household is experiencing any symptoms that aligns with sickness, the family group is expected to stay home from preschool. 

If a person has a fever (100.4 or higher), shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, or other signs of new illness unrelated to a preexisting condition (such as allergies) unvaccinated persons are required to self-quarantine for 10 days and all members are expected to seek a PCR Covid-19 test. If you have not had a known Covid-19 exposure, families may resume attending school within the 10 days if both the child and working parent provide a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken on the date communicated to the member as the Public Health recommended timeframe and submitted via email as soon as results are received to shorenorth.director@gmail.com. Members are asked to continue to monitor themselves and their household members for symptoms, avoid all contact with others and follow Public Health advice. Persons that have Covid-19 must isolate themselves from others until there is medical confirmation that they are illness-free. For most persons, this is 10 days after symptoms begin. Anyone coming into the preschool space must be fever-free for 72 hours without medication prior to coming to preschool. 

Should any member of your household exhibit signs of illness, please take the following steps:

  1. Complete the online form for tracking illnesses at ShorenorthForm is located here.
  2. Reach out to your classmates to arrange coverage for your workday(s) and/or Greeter/Emergency Sub commitments
  3. Provide notification to the staff person(s) you are working with (Jen Belcourt, Erin Middleton and/or Gloriann Harrigan) to let us know what is occurring
  4. Join Circle Time virtually while you get healthy and return to class in-person!

For extended illnesses or if a family member suffers from regular conditions (seasonal allergies, etc.) please contact the Director and your Teacher to plan how to best participate. 

If a person has symptoms of sickness while at school, they will be separated from the rest of class, their parent/guardian will be contacted, and they will be sent home. 

Any persons making the responsible decision to stay home due to sickness and/or potential exposure to sickness are invited to participate in Circle Time virtually. The member should notify their Teacher and that day’s Greeter/Emergency Sub to get connected with a Zoom link for that day’s Circle Time. 

Disclosure of Confirmed Covid-19 Illness or Exposure

If a member of your household has been in contact or suspected contact with someone who has Covid-19, do not attend school. If a family member or someone in their household is diagnosed with Covid-19, all members of that household will not attend school

Families will inform the Director and Teacher within 24 hours of a household member receiving a positive Covid-19 test and/or if the family is informed of a potential exposure. This will allow the preschool to quickly track our own contact chain. Beyond your immediate class, your family identity will be kept confidential, however disclosure of any positive Covid-19 tests will be made to our entire school community. This disclosure will follow the same protocol as other infectious diseases (hand/foot/mouth, flu, etc.). 

Procedures for Disclosing Covid-19 Symptoms or Exposure

  1. Inform Shorenorth Director and your Teacher within 24 hours if a household member or close contact (nanny, elementary pod, etc.) has a known Covid-19 exposure. Family will move to virtual engagement for 14 days.
  2. Families with a positive Covid-19 test will follow all medical guidelines and will be in contact with Shorenorth leadership to determine a plan for safe return.  All information and next steps shared with a family are expected to be followed as their contact with others could impact others ability to attend preschool. 
  3. Families with ANY Covid-19 symptoms without known exposure may not participate at in-person activities for 14 days unless all symptoms have resolved and they can provide negative test results. 
  4. The Shorenorth community will be made aware of positive test results by email. Information will include the last date the person or family group was in class and any locations visited by that person. Confidentiality of the affected individual will be maintained outside of their immediate class. 
  5. Director will reach out to the immediately affected class to provide more information, as well as gather additional information regarding potential exposure. 
  6. Any crossover between classes due to family groups enrolled in multiple classes and/or sharing of the same teacher will result in affected groups being provided additional notification of that connection to provide transparency for all involved while maintaining confidentiality. 
  7. Director and Teacher will craft a proposed plan on how to move forward based on the specific circumstances and may include the class or squad quarantining for 14 days. This plan will be presented to the Executive Board for review and gain approval before being put into action. 
  8. Shorenorth will work with King County Public Health to determine appropriate next steps for the affected classes and squads moving to virtual engagement vs the entire school moving to virtual learning. 
  9. Any person who has recovered from Covid-19 can continue to test positive for Covid-19 for up to 3 months after illness onset. In the event a person recovered from Covid-19 has a cold, is not able to attend preschool and wishes to return within the 14 day quarantine period, this will be taken into consideration in regards to the negative Covid-19 PCR test requirement to return to preschool. 

If a person who has attended the school is diagnosed with Covid-19 and it is determined that the entire school should be closed for 2 weeks, the following steps will be taken:

  • Circle Time activities will be held virtually via Zoom and scheduled for no less than a 30 minute period during the regularly scheduled class time for the duration of the closure.
  • Director will notify the Board of Directors regarding which class the member participates in and any cross-effected classes via multiple enrollment and/or common Teacher connection. 
  • A school-wide communication will be sent including which class(es) the member is enrolled in and which are potentially cross-effected. 
  • Any determination of returning to in-person learning will be navigated by the Executive Board and determined with assistance from King County Public Health and readily communicated to the membership. 

Virtual & Outdoor Plan

In the event that Shoreline Schools moves to all virtual learning, Shorenorth will like-kind move to Outdoor preschool at parks throughout the greater Shoreline area. With that move, Groovers will additionally have a weekly virtual Circle Time + Team Time to accommodate the Pre-K curriculum. All other classes will continue having Circle Time during classes when held outdoors. The existing class schedule will remain the same.  Additionally, the Shorenorth Board can determine if our community should make a transition to only outdoor or virtual engagement.  

If older siblings are in all-virtual learning due to Shoreline School’s moving to only virtual learning, we will work with families to create an environment where they can learn from the outdoor area where preschool is occurring. We are committed to supporting the entire family so our community can remain connected and learning together. 

Travel Policy

Any unvaccinated persons (adult or child) shall not return to school for 10 days post plane, train, or bus travel. This time of quarantine can be shortened to 7 days with a Covid-19 test being performed at 3-5 days after returning from travel and a negative test result. During this time you are invited to participate in Circle Time virtually. The member should notify their Teacher and that day’s Greeter/Emergency Sub to get connected with a Zoom link for attending.

Make-up Policy

Shorenorth’s Make-up Policy is suspended during the pandemic. Members are only permitted to attend the class(es) in which they are enrolled. 

Visitors Policy

Shorenorth is a closed campus. Visiting is suspended during the pandemic. 


Weekly cleaning of the preschool will occur when classes are in session. Two members per week will complete the cleaning duties to keep our school ready for play-based learning. 

Sanitization of surfaces, high touch areas, toys and materials will primarily be completed using a vinegar and water solution to wipe down a surface and a misting of thymol (aka Benefact). Each room will contain a bin where toys that have been put into a child’s mouth or need fixing can have a place for cleaning and attention. 

Following use by a class or squad, surface areas and high touch areas such as door handles will be sanitized. Additionally, sweeping and/or vacuuming will take place between each class using the areas within the preschool. Members of each class will complete the cleaning needs of the area their class used on a rotating schedule set-up by each class. 

Items used during Circle Time or Team Time by a class, squad or small group will be sanitized following use by the Teacher of the class. This can include the above detailed sanitization process or machine washing items such as scarves. 

Playdough will not be in use during the pandemic due to the inability to satisfactorily sanitize it between groups using the material. 

Sensory Table materials will only include hard items that can be easily sanitized. Use of rice, corn, oats, chocolate, etc. will not be in use during the pandemic due to the inability to satisfactorily sanitize between groups using the materials. 

Dramatic Play dress-up materials will be limited to items that are not worn on a person’s body.

Daily Screenings

Before walking into preschool, each person on site that day will complete an attestation that confirms that they are healthy, are not experiencing any symptoms of sickness and do not have a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees. This will be part of the check-in process each person completes for themselves and their child prior to attending class and is completed using a mobile device on Jovial. When departing class, the same website is used to sign-out. 

The daily screening will include the following questions: 

  1. Was your temperature taken at home directly before traveling to preschool 100.4 degrees or higher?
  2. Have you experienced any of the following symptoms in the past 48 hours: fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea?
  3. Within the past 14 days, have you been in close physical contact (6 feet or closer for at least 15 minutes) with a person who is known to have laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 or with anyone who has any symptoms consistent with COVID-19?
  4. Are you isolating or quarantining because you may have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 or are worried that you may be sick with COVID-19?
  5. Are you currently waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test?
  6. [check box here] By clicking the box you are answering ‘NO’ to the questions above. If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above questions, please do not enter the school and see your Teacher for further instructions. 

Sign in and out must be completed each day per our preschool policies and insurance requirements. Anyone visiting class, such as a baby who is being worn or for a playgroup during Explorers or Baby n’ Me Classes will be added to a “Visitors” profile on Jovial. Every person remaining on site for class is required to check in and out each time they are on site during a class. 

A paper sign-in will be available on an as-needed basis as we seek to reduce contact points. Two pen cups will be available with “Clean” and “Dirty” labels to identify used pens that need to be sanitized. 

Drop Off

In efforts to reduce the number of persons coming through the preschool space and provide ample physical distancing during arrival, all parents participating in a class with a drop off component are encouraged to:

  • Complete their child’s health attestation before getting them out of the car
  • Drop off their child at the door to the member of their class signed up to be the Greeter & Emergency Substitute that day, who will gladly welcome their child into their day at preschool

Greeter/Emergency Sub should monitor the movement of family groups coming into the facility to ensure that no more than a total of 17 family groups are in the main level entry and stairwell combined areas. This equates to the Greeter/Emergency Sub, their child(ren), the Teacher and 15 additional family groups. 

Due to physical space restrictions, all classes with a drop-off component will only have space for working adults to attend class. Should a child need their non-working adult to stay, classmates are encouraged to trade days or shift to accommodate the ever-changing landscape of supporting our community’s children. 

Mask Use

All persons 2 years of age and older are required to wear a mask during Shorenorth events and classes. Just like with toilet learning, we see this as an opportunity to provide a positive learning experience. If a child is having a hard time wearing a mask, we take them aside for social distancing safety and help them work through what they are feeling. Social emotional learning is a big part of what we do at Shorenorth and mask wearing is a great opportunity to empathize and build resilience.

Eating While at Preschool

When eating is occurring indoors, six feet distancing will be maintained between family groups. Multiple areas throughout the school will be used for eating times to provide for enough space. Classes with a drop off component (Toddlers, Movers and Groovers) will break into small groups with one or two parents for this activity. No family style food sharing will be allowed. 

Class Sizes and Guidelines

Guidelines allow for:

  • 35 square feet per person when indoors
  • 3 feet distance between each ‘family group’

In the spirit of openly sharing changes in risk factors, it is the responsibility of each member to notify their fellow classmates and squad mates of any changes to their activities/exposure that could potentially increase risk. Examples include but are not limited to: unvaccinated household member traveling by air, participation in organized group activities (swimming lessons, gymnastics, sports, etc.), household member returning to in-person work, older children return into in-person/indoor education. 

Classes that have a 1:1 ratio and no drop off component do not have a set maximum cap on group sizes per the Fall 2021 OPEP Guidelines. In such cases, the maximum group size is determined by the square footage of the classroom allowing for 35 sq ft. per ‘family group’ and ensuring the maintenance of 3 feet distance between each ‘family group.’ This provides for both Explorers and Baby n’ Me Class to operate without the use of squads to rotate through the space. 

Classes usually enjoy the first week of school all together, where all working adults and their child(ren) attend each day of that week. Due to social distancing guidelines, we will be doing a ‘slow start’ to the year where each family group will only attend on their work day. 

Classes rotating through the preschool space in squads will not have time to complete their Parent Education component during class. Instead, Parent Education will be offered via Zoom one evening per month for 60 minutes. Teachers will team-teach two offerings for monthly Parent Ed on standing days of the month that are published to all Shorenorth members. One meeting will be intended for Groovers and Movers parents to attend and one will be intended for Toddlers and Explorers parents to attend. If a member is unable to attend their group’s discussion, they are invited to “make-up” by attending the other scheduled Zoom conversation. 

Class NameAge RangeMax Enrollment2021 Max Enrollment Max # of Children in Group per OPEPAdult : Child Ratio  per OPEPAdult : Child Ratio per Shorenorth PoliciesSpecial 2021-22 Adult: Child RatioSquads
Groovers4-5 years1818181:51:31:32
Movers3-4 years1818181:51:31:32
Toddlers2-3 years1616151:31:21:22
Explorers1-2 years1412151:21:11:12
Baby n’ Me0-1 years126101:21:11:1N/A

The following are locations for specific class activities due to square footage:


  • 2 squads of 9 families in each squad
  • Opening Circle Time & Closing Circle Time will alternate between squads with the Teacher alternating which they are leading so each group has dedicated facetime with the Teacher each day.


  • 2 squads of 9 families in each squad
  • Circle Time and Lunch will both be held in the Art/Reading/Eating Room (allowing for 13 persons). 
  • All activities will be wrapped up in the Circle Time Room 15 minutes before the end of class to accommodate Baby n’ Me Class being held in that room. One squad will use the Imagination and Movement Rooms (allowing for 17 persons) and the other squad will use the Art/Reading/Eating Room( allowing for 13 persons). 


  • 2 squads of 8 families in each squad


  • 2 squads of 6 families in each squad
  • This is a reduction of 2 families in this class to accommodate for the 35 sq ft per family group space requirement. 
  • This allows for 6 family groups plus the Teacher to hold Circle Time in the Circle Time Room. 

Baby n’ Me

  • All activities will be held in the Circle Time Room with no more than 6 ‘family groups’ participating at a given time. 
  • This is a reduction of 4 families in this class to accommodate for the 35 sq ft per family group space requirement as the Circle Time Room is the only room available to be sectioned off for this class due to time overlap between Movers Class and Baby n’ Me Class. No overlap of class members will occur as the Movers Class will be utilizing other rooms at the preschool. 
  • Two families will need to register a co-parent so the class can meet the minimum of 8 SCC students for the class to continue. 

Space Breakdown for Maximum Number of Persons or Family Groups in Each Area

Room or Area at SchoolSquare FootageExact Max # Persons in Room Max # Persons for Operational Purposes
Total Preschool Area1,990 sf56.854
Total Entry Before Preschool Area723 sf20.617
RUMC Lobby625 sf17.817
Stairwell98 sf2.83
Entry Area260 sf7.47
Hallways91 sf & 73 sf2.6 & 24
Bathroom36 sf11
Circle Time (NEW NAME = Art)326 sf9.39
Art / Reading / Eating (NEW NAME = Circle Time)456 sf1313
Office121 sf3.453
Movement352 sf1010
Imagination275 sf7.87