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Our Community

What is a Cooperative Preschool?

Cooperative preschools provide members with their first formal opportunity to become involved in their children’s education. With the support of a skilled educator, parents and guardians learn developmentally appropriate ways of guiding their children during these early, formative years.

In co-op preschools, community develops easily among families in each class and school-wide. Children benefit directly from this in two main ways. First, their classroom friendships extend beyond class time via this caring and interdependent network. Second, parents are more refreshed, resilient, and ready to nurture lovingly when supported not only by their parent educator but also by sympathetic peers. Another plus of being in a community with closely engaged parents is that children learn flexibility and adaptability from being with a variety of trusted adults.

Finally, research demonstrates that children whose parents are actively involved in their early education experience many positive, long-term outcomes over the course of their academic careers.

How is Shorenorth Cooperative Preschool affiliated with Shoreline Community College?

Shorenorth is affiliated with and sponsored by Shoreline Community College (SCC).  By enrolling your child at Shorenorth, you automatically become an SCC student.  You earn college credit through the Parenting Education Program and your instructors are SCC faculty.  You and your child attend class off-campus at our beautiful, child-friendly, stimulating preschool – yet you may enjoy all the rights and privileges which accompany student status on campus, like access to the gym, library and other resources.

What are the responsibilities of membership in Shorenorth Co-op?
A co-op preschool is a community of families, a community where we contribute our own special talents and help each other for the benefit of all our children. A community where it’s important to believe that the more you put into the community, the more you and especially your children get out of the community. In addition to helping out in the classroom, members assume responsibility for the operation of the preschool. In a sense, when parents or guardians become members, they become part “owners” of this cooperative. Being a part of a co-op is a rewarding and engaging experience. One of the reasons a co-op is so affordable is that we rely on all of our members to help in the running of the co-op.

Shorenorth Member Responsibilities include:

  1. Participate in parent education during class time
  2. Participate in successful fundraising – wreath sales and Spring Carnival*
  3. Attend a school meeting and parent education speaker twice per quarter*
  4. Serve on the Board of Directors or having a co-op job*
  5. Clean the classroom once a year or paying an opt out fee*
  6. Help get the classroom organized and ready three times per year*
  7. Bring a nutritious snack on a rotating basis*

*These responsibilities are not required of those only enrolled in The Baby ‘n Me Class.

Does my child need to be potty trained?
No, Shorenorth does not require children be potty trained for any class. If you are enrolled in one of our multi-day classes where your child is dropped off one or two of the days, and your child is in diapers or learning to potty train, arrangements can be made which both you and your child are comfortable with.

Can siblings attend classes?
Younger siblings may attend classes of older siblings.  In general, older siblings do not attend classes of younger siblings.

Click here to read about our detailed sibling policy.