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Sibling Policy

The purpose of the Shorenorth Sibling Policy is to accommodate parents who are unable or reluctant to leave their infant while attending class with an older child.  Parents may also bring an older child on an emergency basis.  The intent of this policy is to keep the Shorenorth parent education program “family friendly” and does not exclude parents because they have an infant.

This policy should not affect the quality of the class.  It’s important to maintain a balance between accommodating parents with an infant and maintaining a high quality program for people who attend with a single child.

Younger siblings (babies and toddlers) may attend class and will be added to the roster for insurance purposes.

Parents are asked to keep their infant in a front or backpack, car seat or stroller during class.  For safety reasons, infants are not allowed on the floor of a class.  The parent is responsible for all infant care during class.  The parent must also maintain supervision of their assigned area.  Infants will accompany parents in discussion session as well.

Insurance ratios of one adult for every two children shall be maintained in Explorer and Toddler classes and one adult to every three children in Movers and Groovers classes.